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Bring the ultimate sense of comfort into the bedroom with this pillow encasement. To add to the comfort of home, this pillow encasement offers the ultimate protection for bedroom pillows. The waterproof design protects pillows from stains, moisture, bed bugs, and dust mites. The result is that each pillow is encased in a swath of comfort, allowing for the ultimate relaxation. Say goodbye to concerns about the hygienic quality of any pillow as the encasement will secure each pillow against grime.

Often, high-quality pillows have shortened usability due to the wear and tear of daily life. With a pillow encasement, premium pillows are protected against the rigors of daily use. The result is that pillows last longer while simultaneously providing a cleaner, more pleasant place to rest your head. Designed with high-performance, 100% polyester fabric, this pillow encasement is durable yet comfortable. Simply tuck a pillow inside this cocoon of protection and pull a pillowcase over the top for an elevated nighttime experience.

Waterproof Pillow Protector With Full Zippered Encasement

    • Waterproof zippered pillow encasement

    • Protects against stains, moisture, dust mites, bed bugs, and pet dander

    • One-sided zipper closure makes it easy to secure the pillow

    • Designed with super-stretch fabric for added comfort

    • Made with high-performance, 100% polyester fabric for durability and ultimate protection

    • Machine washable

    • Standard/Queen: 20" x 28"
    • King/Cal King: 20" x 36"
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