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Laundry Instructions

How to Wash Your Sheets:

Laundry Instructions

Wash in warm or cold water separately or with your other Dreamynitelinen sets other items including jeans, blankets, towels or even cotton sheets as they become very heavy when wet (since they absorb water rather than wick away) and will break down the anti-pill finish.  To avoid "blueing" or streaking, do not pour liquid detergent or fabric softener directly onto fabrics, but rather into dispenser or running water as a top loader fills. We do not recommend using detergent pods as many times they do not completely dissolve and can cause streaks. Detergent boosters are fine, and only use non-chlorine bleach as needed since chlorine bleach can break down fabric fibers. For a natural disinfectant, 1 cup of white vinegar can be added to the rinse cycle.

Dry separately for about 20 minutes on med to med-high (depending on your dryer) to activate wrinkle-release. Fabric softener and dryer sheets are okay, but no liquid filled dryer balls due to streaking (wool dryer balls are safe). Do not iron or dry clean.

Skin products containing peroxide may discolor fabric.

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